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Anna Mazur

Threads Magazine

March 1, 2022

Evening 7PM – Handbag Trunk Show

Anna Mazur is a contributing writer for THREADS Magazine since 2000 and has been writing their bi-monthly Pattern Review column since 2003. She has released the book, “Handbag Workshop”, Taunton Press 2014. She was a participant in the THREADS Design Challenge VII, has designed for the Fairfield & Bernina Fash­ion shows, and made guest appearances on HGTV’s, “Sew Much More”. Anna is a former ASG regional representative and past presi­dent of the CT chapter. She has presented sewing programs at various venues across the country including Hawaii. Her work has ap­peared in several books and various publica­tions. Anna is known for her attention to the fine details and her blue-ribbon award win­ning garments have been exhibited locally, nationally, and internationally.

Anna Mazur was born on the Portuguese archipelago island of Madeira, world renowned for its hand embroideries, cutwork and appliqué, fine wine, and wicker. Her early childhood was surrounded by couturiers and embroiders. It was natural she picks up a needle and mimic the influences who unknowingly carved out the blueprint that would eventually follow her throughout life. At age 6 she began to hand embroider, by age 9 could make a bound buttonhole and by age 12 dove into garment sewing. She has been at it ever since. She grew up in Massachusetts, where she never forgot her roots and influences. She began sewing garments without a pattern and by the 5th grade was wearing her creations to school. Teachers took notice and when a math competition came up that year, she chose the topic, metric vs. imperial measuring systems. She set out to prove whether they were the same by using each system to make a garment.  The outcome was identical and won first place, the first sewing award of many to come. Freshman year in high school she upped her sewing skills and began making tailored garments. She always knew she wanted a career in fashion, specifically to attend FIT. When it came time pick a college and choose a major her parents did not see it the same. Her dad, an accountant himself, thought best that she pursues a traditional career; besides they saw NYC and Boston as two worlds apart. As a result, she followed in his footsteps, earning a bachelor’s degree in accounting. She never forgot her dream and always found time to sew. She credits her current level of work to her patience for handwork and those solid tailoring techniques she learnt in the early days. She believes patience and precision go hand in hand with quality and solid design.

Pattern Review & Trunk Show


WHEN:  2-4 p.m. March 1

WHERE:  Warwick Center for the Arts (regular meeting venue)

COST:  $20 members, $30 non-members. Fee collected at the door. No pre-registration.


Don’t miss this special event that is taking place on the same day as the regularly scheduled RISN March meeting. Take the time to reach out to a member (or bring a guest) and plan to attend this event together then catch a quick dinner and be back intime for 6:00PM for the social hour. The evening session with Anna will feature a Trunk Show of all the custom handbags. More details on the evening meeting are provided in next section of the newsletter.

Here’s a teaser of what the afternoon session will entail….

§  A behind the scenes look at how the THREADS Magazine pattern review column comes together

§  A trunk show of Anna’s garments and accessories featured in THREADS magazine articles dating as far back as 2001, plus a few more special occasion outfits

Anna has been writing the pattern review column for THREADS magazine since 2004. Over the years she has seen the format evolve, but one thing that has remained constant is the testing process. Come find out the time frame it takes to produce one article and the ins and outs of how it all comes together. You will also look at her extensive collection of garments created for articles in the magazine. She loves to go above and beyond the written word and often times incorporates techniques that need to be left off the page due to either being unrelated to the article or because of space constraints. Examine firsthand the actual garments and view the details which were left out. She will also bring along some memorable clothing created over the years. 

March 1, 2022 – RISN Evening Meeting :  7PM

·Look through the actual folders that were generated while developing the designs. Here is your chance to examine firsthand the tangible handbags featured in her book. Of the 18, fourteen are 100% leather, three are a combination of leather/fabric and one is entirely fabric. Leather types range from lambskin to the exotic’s such as Stingray and Ostrich. Although they were designed with leather in mind, they are also adaptable to fabric as well. All are her original designs and every single one was sewn on a home sewing machine. She features handbags for every level of expertise; from beginner to intermediate to advanced. The actual patterns are included in the book and simply need to be enlarged 250%. Anna will show you how to print the pattern on your home printer. You will also get to see and be able to browse through the eighteen developmental files: from the initial conception, all the way through to the final manuscripts.

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Master the Art of Sewing

And, just as a sample of what you have in order to do your work at home, here is a video clip from the Fall 2021 Classic Tailoring class – these are used on the big screen during in person and remote classes – then posted to our unlisted Youtube channel for participants’ review: 

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