Elizabeth Clouse

Meeting March 5, 2024

The Queen of King Richard’s Faire

“Queen Elizabeth’s Closet” started out as repurposing thrift clothing to create a 1940s wardrobe as the rebirth of swing when it was at peak in 1998. Then it transitioned to Civil War garments while participating in and teaching during full scale reenactments. Eventually she started designing and creating historical garments for various industries including Renaissance faire actors, theaters and anyone who wanted a special custom gown.

“I can be found in the Fall, performing in my 6th season at King Richard’s Faire as Queen Anne III. I also have a booth there, where I sell, one-of-a-kind, handmade, renaissance accessories.” – Elizabeth Clouse

We can’t wait to learn how to design extravagant archival inspired attire, utilizing contemporary sewing techniques for the stage.