Welcome to the Rhode Island Sewing Network!

The RISN is a non-profit organization for sewing enthusiasts in Southern New England. Our membership consists of both professional and non-professional individuals looking to share ideas and discuss sewing-related topics.


  • Six monthly group meetings
  • Guest speakers – a variety of topics for all interests
  • Sew-and-Tell each meeting – share what you’ve created!
  • Meet new friends who love to sew
  • Raffle each meeting with lots of winners
  • Member access to active Facebook group
  • and much more!


Joining is easy! 

MEMBERSHIP INCLUDES six issues of our newsletter, membership to RISN Facebook page, plus discounts to meetings and other events as well as email news.

To Register: Print and complete the membership form below and mail check to our membership coordinator.

RISN Membership Form – click here


Annual Membership:  New members will be asked to pay an Annual $10 registration fee for the 2022-2023 season which includes the email notifications, newsletter, and access to the private Facebook group. For each in-person meeting, a $10 fee will be collected at the door from Annual Members. The nonmember fee for meetings is $10 per meeting. Non-members will not receive any of the additional benefits (newsletter, emails, Facebook, etc.).

Premier Membership:  The Premier membership fee is $40. With this Premiere Membership, the $10 annual registration fee is waived and there are no additional fees for attending meetings.  Premier Membership includes the email notifications, newsletter, and access to the private Facebook group.

RISN Membership Form – click here


Private Facebook Group: For members that want to participate with the Facebook page, they must request to be included.  A RISN membership does not automatically include one as a Facebook participant.  Send your request to the Facebook Administrator Mary Morse (memorse@yahoo.com).

Meeting Schedule

2022-2023 Calendar


October 4, 2022 Jenny Rushmore Cashmerette
November 1, 2022 Linda Olean Costume Designer
December 6, 2022 Amy Page DeBlasio Designer Wearable Art
March 7, 2023 Anna Mazur THREADS Magazine
April 4, 2023 Julie Eilber Fashion Historian
May 2, 2023 Genevieve Kacmar Color Analysis