Jennifer Lopez

Meeting November 7, 2023

By The Yard Comics

Jen Lopez is a quilter, cartoonist and author of the quilting comic By the Yard. She started out her career as a software developer after graduating from MIT with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Jen worked hard in software but always enjoyed sewing. She made her first real life quilt for her best friend’s baby, a Log Cabin quilt that she learned from Eleanor Burns Quilt in a Day series of books. Jen branched out by designing quilt and sewing patterns under her brand, Sew FunĀ®. She started cartooning for MIT’s journal of humor called VooDoo, dating all the way back to 1919. She went on to create a business-oriented comic strip called BizToons which appeared for years in Worcester Magazine, the largest independent newspaper in Massachusetts. Finally, Jen combined her love for quilting with her penchant for cartooning in 2018 when she created By the Yard, a comic about quilting. By the Yard has since produced five annual calendars, has appeared bi-weekly in the C&T Publishing blog, as well as monthly in the Country Register family of newspapers throughout the U.S. and Canada.